February 23, 2016


Hello Parents,

  • 100th day of school- check
  • Walk-a-thon – check
  • Valentines’s Day – check
  • President’s Day long weekend – check


Lots of things going on here!

Telling time– to the hour, half-hour, and nearest 5 minutes, using terms like “half past” and “a quarter till” etc.

Geometry – plane shapes/2 dimensional (sides, vertices and angles including right angles), solids/3 dimensional (faces, edges, vertices)

Addition and Subtraction  – we continue to practice and hone our use of strategies to use these operations fluently as well as efficiently with 4 digit numbers.

Multiplication and Division – we’ve been dipping into and trying different strategies to do repeated addition using the partial product strategy.  Double digit multiplication isn’t a 2nd grade standard, yet because of their strong math foundation and number sense, students are able to take this on naturally and at their own developmental paces.  As for division, again, not a 2nd grade standard, we’ve done a bit of this as well.  Look at homework as well as work in the “Leave Home” pocket of their folders to see what we’ve been working on in the classroom!


We write a lot in our classroom.  Not much of that gets sent home though :/    I do have a spot in the classroom where I hang up the latest completed assignments.  However, I sent home a piece that children completed over weeks and weeks.  It involved the writing process of:

  • research
  • write (rough draft)
  • edit
  • rewrite (another draft to use to type piece)
  • type draft/edit/
  • final draft

Keyboarding!  Your children were able to navigate through Microsoft Word to type their writing piece and edit!  I hope your were as pleased as I was when you saw how much work your child put into this 🙂


Next for our Critical Literacy Unit will be more non-fiction writing pieces leading up to a project that will include all or most of the above pictured features of non-fiction text.  We’ll continue to work on strengthening conceptual understanding, synthesizing information and writing to convey understanding.  Not a lot of work comes home from this, because most of the writing we’ll be doing are small pieces that are really exercises leading to the final product or project.

Reading– as I’ve mentioned before ( I hope I have!), we read everyday.  State and district standards state that this time of the year in second grade who are “at grade level” should be reading at DRA 24 to 28.  Ask your child what leveled books they’re reading each day! We read not only for growth and progress, but for the pure pleasure of it as well!  That’s why along with “Leveled Reading” time, we have “Book Nook” reading time, when children may read anything from  my library or what they’ve brought from the public or school library here in the classroom.  Children may borrow books from my library anytime!

Coming Up

  • Week of March 13 – Theater Class Performance on Thursday
  • Week of March 20-24, minimum days (School ends at 12:30 all week)
  • Week of March 27 -31 Spring Break (No school)

Scholastic Book Order

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to look at the book catalogs I sent home in the folders and/or the Scholastic website.  I’d like to close the order out by 2/28.  I must say, it’s fun for the kids to come to school and leave with a new book or 2, and it’s nice for me as well, since I get points from your orders.  I use them to replace worn out and old books and refresh my library!





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