January 2017

Happy 2017 Room 6 Families,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the amazing gifts I received from all of you!  Thank you so much, I feel quite special!  I hope you were able to enjoy the company of family and friends during the break.  I didn’t “go” anywhere special, I stayed pretty close to home and enjoyed sleeping in, reading, watching old movies and seeing some hockey games (my husband and I are San Diego Gulls fans!).

On Tuesday, despite the glazed looks in everyone’s eyes (including mine!), we jumped right back into the swing of things.


Lot’s of practice and review for addition and subtraction with 3 digit numbers, and some multiplication.  We’ll continue to work on solving multi-step problems.

Children are being taught and practicing different strategies to find solutions to problems.  These strategies tap into their number sense and help them to really understand what is being done when manipulating numbers to solve the equations.

You may find some of the homework a bit easy.  I want homework to be something your child can do independently, without help for the most part.  Whenever possible though, please check over it.  If they’ve missed quite a few, they may need help with it, and you can write me a not on it letting me know!


Starting next week, children will have a spelling test every other week.  The word list will go home on Monday and the test given on Friday.  Some children get nervous about it, but that soon abates.  However, the more the children practice at home (with your participation and help!), the better prepared they’ll be and have more confidence.

Other School Stuff:

pencil-clipartThe Walk-A-Thon!  This is a big fundraiser for our school.  On Tuesday, children brought home a packet and an information sheet about how to raise money for our school.

Hopefully you were able to set up a website for your child to help raise money, there are some contests with desirable prizes to encourage children and their families to participate!  On the window by the door to the classroom is a note about them.

pencil-clipartRE the GATE test:  this will take place in the classroom the morning of Thursday 26th.  Orginally it was to have taken place on the 19th, but I won’t be at school that day, so Mrs. Gordon and I switched dates.

pencil-clipartHave you checked the ETwig recently?  Please do, it’s got scoop on all things TPES that are coming up!

pencil-clipartWear-It-Wednesdays:  Everyone shows their school spirit by wearing TPES tee-shirts, sweatshirts etc!


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