December 2016

Hello Families,

Life in Room 6 has been busy, full and rich with the sharing of ideas, learning how to work cooperatively with partners and in groups, writing with flair, and solving math problems like no one’s business!!


In between Thanksgiving and the Winter Break:


  • learning the value of coins and counting money, addition and subtraction with money
  • continue to work on 3-digit addition and subtraction strategies
  • a smattering of work with fractions, multiplication and real world problem solving

Critical Literacy

The new unit is about characters in stories, and how authors choose characters to tell their stories.  We’ll continue to  construct an understanding of the purpose of fiction, analyzing and examining characters to make generalizations about character-types,  and recognizing when characters are stereotyped.  Ask your child what stories I’ve read and what we’ve discussed about them!


We read a lot in this class- we read to grow and strengthen our understanding of the world, to become stronger readers and grow our stamina with ever increasing periods of time reading, and to enjoy what authors have to teach us.  This is done in whole group settings, small group work and independent reading periods.  Ask your child what they’ve been reading in class!

Looking Ahead

  • TPES Food Drive bags went home today.  Please read the attached note on the bags to know where to drop them off.
  • 12/8 Peter Pan Performance for parents and community  12/7 in the morning for the school.
  • 12/15 Music Classroom Showcase in the afternoon (I’m not sure of the time, I’ll send something home in children’s folders as soon as I can).
  • Please read the eTwig on the Foundation website!




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