September 29, 2016

Hello Families,

It was fun seeing you at the Block Party last Sunday!  What a great job the Foundation did- the food, games, DJ, photobooth- AWESOME!


We are working on addition and subtraction strategies as well as vocabulary:

addends  equation  odd  even  array  row  column

 As most of the students are very fluent in adding and subtracting within 10 and 20, we’ve moved along to larger numbers, discovering that knowing 8 + 9 = 17 can help us to    add 28 + 29.  Making the connection that 28 is the same as 20 + 8 and 29 is 20 + 9 .  Now children can think, “I know  20 + 20 is 40 and 8 + 9 is 17 then I know that 40 + 17 is 57.”  Well, maybe they don’t think it exactly like that, but close!

Teaching children to decompose larger numbers allows them to be able to solve 2-digit plus 2-digit math problems (mostly) mentally, and not need to use the traditional algorithm (carrying and borrowing) that we were taught  all those years ago!  Fear not though, there is a time and place for those algorithms, and they will be taught- just not yet!  Same goes for using the numberline in subtraction.  It’s a  process (soon to be a mental one) to determine the difference between 2 numbers, the algorithm you’re accustomed to will come later also.

Critical Literacy

Being able to think about underlying ideas or concepts  in stories is pretty sophisticated.  It takes time, modeling and doing it often.  Children have the ideas, but sometimes lack the vocabulary to express their thoughts.  Then I teach them!  Concepts (and often new vocabulary) from some of our recent stories are:

loneliness  rejection  regret  compassion  persistence  courage  selflessness  joy  friendship  determination

Then comes the hardest part, writing about the stories using these new  words, supporting their ideas with examples and not just retelling the story.  Again, time, modeling and doing it often.  It’s very rigorous, not always pretty the first few times…then one day- ahhh, a wonderful piece of writing that shows your child can write about a story using a broader vocabulary and backing up their ideas with evidence from what they’ve read, showing they understand that fiction isn’t “fake”, but has truths.

Coming Up:

  • 10/6                Picture Day
  • 10/8 & 10/9  La Jolla Art and Wine Festival
  • 10/21              TPES Movie Night

Please check the ETwig sent to your email this week for more information.



for the AMAZING birthday wishes and generous gift card to AMAZON!!  I’ve already used a good deal of it to purchase a few things for the classroom.




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