September 2016


Welcome to the official website of Room 6!  This is a private site, because I’m excited to show photos and videos of your children working independently and together!

Class Dojo Message is a great way to communicate on a daily basis, whether it’s one-to-one, or to all parents/students.

You should always look at the ETwig too!  The TPES Foundation website is a great way for you to know what’s going on at our school; events, parent information, who’s who and ways to contribute your time to this special community!

But this site is different.

Here, I’ll be updating you on what we’re doing or studying in Room 6; different subject areas, giving notice about upcoming classroom happenings, as well as other “goings-on” in Room 6!

I’ll have “pages” that you can go to for :

  • Photos and short videos from the classroom
  • Paper templates (for practice at home)
  • website links
  • current charts and posters that are up in the classroom
  • extra work that you may want your child to do at home to hone skills and increase stamina.
  • learning games you can do with your child to help them become stronger and faster attaining skills, and promoting good study habits.

In Math, students have been working on strategies to help them become more adept at addition and subtraction.  While the structure (or procedure) of how we’re adding and subtracting numbers may seem protracted and unwieldy, it’s actually going to help children do “mental math” efficiently and with greater understanding and number sense!

For Social Studies, I use the District’s textbook as well as Scholastic News.  You’ll see issues of Scholastic News come home in their folder, along with some of the work we may have done with it.  From the textbook, we read a bit about maps and globes and I’ll continue with this for a few more weeks.  Coming up are cardinal directions!

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes!  I want all of my students to enjoy reading.  Being able to read independently for pleasure and other purposes is extremely valuable.   At this point, only a few students have the stamina to read for more than 15 or so minutes at a time.  That will change!  Little by little, we’ll work up to being able to sustain attention, focus and interest to nearly a half of an hour or more.  That said, I don’t want reading to be a chore!  Reading fiction or non fiction – there is something for everyone, and children at this age are ripe for learning how to love it!  Each day we have two reading only periods; Independent Reading (leveled books only) and Book Nook Books.  During Book Nook Book time, children may read anything they choose, Library books and books from home included.

Language Arts– Big ol’ topic!  This includes spelling, language conventions (grammar, punctuation, synonyms, antonyms et al), handwriting, and vocabulary.  In class this would be working in our Word Sort books, DLR, Writing Center and Writers’ Workshop.

Another really important piece here is our Seminars in Critical Literacy.  I just love teaching children how to think about what they’ve read.  The Seminars are designed to strengthen conceptual understanding, discover and explore characters and the purpose of literature, being able to synthesize non fiction text, examine the impact of culture on fictional stories, and study how resolution affects story.

Coming Up:

Back-To-School-Night or Curriculum Night is on Wednesday September 14.  As of now, I believe the schedule is :

5:00 – 5:30  Principal Ott in the Auditorium

5:35 – 6:10   TK-2nd Classrooms Teacher Presentations

6:15 – 6:50  3rd-5th Classrooms Teacher Presentations

Campus closes at 7:00pm.

TPES Block Party on Sunday September 25

Picture Day October 6



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